About Us: MeetTG.com

About us - meet transgender friends.

About us — We at MeetTG.com are both transgender people and admirers. We have devoted many years to developing a network of transgender friends and resources. We want you to know you are all beautiful! Trans women, trans men, cisgender. Whatever brought you here — we know you are special! We realize that transgender people are among the most wonderful people in this world so this site has been developed as a safe haven for trans people and admirers alike.  We realize there is a lot of misinformation out there about the trans community. That’s why we created MeetTG.com. We always strive to represent the transgender community in a positive manner.

About Us: Shed Restrictive Gender Roles

MeetTG.com is your place on the internet where you can shed the gender roles, labels and societal norms. You are among friends. We definitely won’t judge you for being who you really are, nor for who you’re attracted to. We promise! Just be yourself here and let’s have mutual respect for one another. That’s about all we ask. We’re all in it together and life is too short not to live true to your identity or yearnings. Just for a little while: relax and enjoy our freedom from restrictive roles or societal stereotypes.

About Our Sponsors

We have several great sponsors that have proven themselves to be supportive of the transgender community. These sponsors are necessary to offset the expenses associated with hosting and maintaining the site. If you purchase anything from a sponsor or join their site we may earn a commission, but it will not cost you anything extra. We only include sponsors who are known to be trustworthy.