Meet Transgender Friends

Meet transgender friends for fun, support or romance.You can meet transgender friends for fun, friendship or romance. Many of us find the peer support of our trans friends to be equally important to professional counseling. Perhaps you are looking for friends to dress up and go out on the town.

It’s always more fun and safer to go out in groups of two or more. Cisgender (biological gendered) men and women often enjoy the company of transgender people as well. It can seem challenging to know where to meet trans friends but in reality, you just need to know where to look. We will demystify the process for you.


Some Common Types of Transgender People

  • Transgender is an umbrella term to describe the entire spectrum of the trans community, sometimes abbreviated as TG.
  • Crossdresser is a term that replaces the outdated ‘transvestite,’ usually refers to straight people who dress as the opposite sex.
  • Transsexual, sometimes spelled transexual, is one who transitions from their biologically assigned gender.
  • Gender fluid is a term to describe someone who sometimes identifies as male and at other times as female.
  • Non-binary is a term to describe someone who does not identify as either male or female.
  • Shemale is a term for a trans person employed as a sex worker and is usually considered derogatory.
  • Drag queen is usually a gay male who cross-dresses for show. There are also drag kings.
  • Intersex denotes a medical condition where sexual characteristics of both genders are present.

There are some other variations but these are the major categories of transgender people. Aside from this list, there are pre-op, post-op, non-op. There are also male-to-female trans women and female-to-male trans men. Like the rest of society, transgender people may be heterosexual, gay, bisexual or asexual. When you’ve met one trans person, you’ve met one trans person. We’re all different!

Meet Transgender Friends for Friendship

Trans Friendship and Mutual SupportIt should be no surprise that transgender people sometimes prefer trans friends. Usually not to the exclusion of cisgender friends, but it sure helps to talk with somebody who understands you and doesn’t judge. Trans friends can be great just to hang out at home or to get all dolled up and go out on the town. Trans women are the frequent targets of bigots and bullies so there is obviously more safety in numbers. Having a transgender friend can often mean the difference between going out to a trans-friendly club or staying home alone.

Meet Transgender Friends for Peer Support

Many trans people have remarked how their whole life started making sense once they found out there are others just like them. It’s a liberating feeling to have somebody to talk to — somebody who doesn’t judge you and who really understands. It is a validating experience and a pivotal point in the lives of many trans people. Being trans can be fun but just as often you will hear about the troubles transgender people face in daily life. Troubles come from all areas of life including family, finances, employment and society in general. The peer support among friends is often exactly what is needed to take the next step.

Meet Trans Friends for Dating

trans girlfriends for romanceYou might be surprised — absolutely amazed at how popular trans dating is. Many transgender people seek each other for romance. This may be due to attraction but is often also for the practical purpose of being romantic with someone who understands them on a deeper level. Now, if you’re a male (or female) trans admirer have no fear. There is somebody for everybody. Trans people have a wide range of romantic interests and sexual desires. Just be open. Trans people are attracted to understanding and especially to someone who has taken the time to understand a little more about their situation in life as a transgender person.

Online Trans Community & Support

Meet transgender friends online
Trans Chat for Desktop

We have a transgender chat and social media forum where you can meet trans friends from around the world. This is a great way to meet other trans people. We recommend you join absolutely free. Browse through the chat rooms and make some new friends. Keep it light and fun and see who you can meet.

You can also browse the transgender profiles of members from all locations. Sort to find transgender friends in your local area. Exchange messages and swap photos and get to know your new friends. You will find tens of thousands of potential new friends. Don’t be shy. We welcome cisgender friends and trans community caring professionals as well.

Transgender Chat & Social Networking

Trans Friends Chat Rules

We’ve created a transgender chat room and social network platform with something for everyone. We don’t have a lot of chat rules but we need a few to be sure the chat flows smoothly. Please read through the chat rules and make sure to follow them. Join the conversations and get to know everyone. There are some great transgender folks and community friends who will be happy to chat with you. Click here to sign in or join trans chat – it’s always free!

Transgender Chat – You Must Agree To The Rules Stated Below

Meet trans friends in our free chat and social media
Trans Chat for Mobile

Trans Chat Rules: This transgender chat is frequently monitored by moderators who may or may not identify themselves as staff members. You must abide by their instructions at all times. We try not to be overbearing but some simple rules are needed to ensure a sense of safety and the free flow of chat.

1. You must be at least 18 years of age per the site rules.
2. Name-calling, harassment, racism, bigotry, and general disrespect towards other chatters is not permitted.
3. Do not publicly or privately post any personally identifying information or private conversations.
4. Conversations involving politics and religion are allowed only in the Politics and Religion & Spirituality rooms, respectively.
5. Arguing with chat moderators is not permitted.
6. Please block members who cause problems or with whom you have personal issues.
7. Do not post Craigslist style ads in the lobbies. (eg. 24/looking for phone or cam fun. etc.) Use topic rooms for these kinds of chat requests.
8. Do not spam or flood the room.
9. Cybering in group/public chat is only allowed in the adult-themed rooms.

Where Can I Meet Transgender Friends?

There was a time when it was rare to meet transgender people in real life. Unfortunately, they either repressed their identity or transitioned and blended into the mainstream quietly. Fortunately, times have changed. People are more open and it is much easier to meet transgender people in your community. If you don’t mind checking out the trans-friendly nightclubs and social groups you might be in luck. Of course, it is much easier to meet trans people online. Not all transgender people go to the nightclubs or social groups, however, most trans people will have an online presence.

Trans dating sites are a great way to meet transgender friends or lovers. Many trans people will search the personals for friendship and mutual support rather than romance. It can be an effective strategy. If you’re a man (or a woman) who is attracted to transgender people then the personals are exactly what you need. You will find thousands of potential friends or lovers in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Where Else Can I Meet Trans Friends Online?

Aside from trans dating sites and transgender chat, you will find transgender people in various other places on the Internet. We love Google for searching down to the local level. You never know what you’ll find so try a few searches to see if you locate online trans resources for your area. Wherever there are trans resources, you may be able to meet new friends. Definitely don’t forget to check social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Youtube is also a great place to search for transgender people who produce video content. There is often an active comments section where you can become involved in the conversations. One other common option is trans message boards such as TGGuide’s transgender forum.

Find More To Love!

There is an entire world to explore! Find more people to socialize with, find more resources, and find love in all the right places. The sky is the limit!

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